A manufacturing guide of SimCity buildit

SimCity buildit game is centered on city building and you can easily play it on your Android or iOS devices. This game has been introduced to the market in the year 2014 by EA and is successfully running till now and has been played by many gamers. In this game, all you have to do is grow the population of a city by constructing new buildings and providing them with the opportunities and services for attracting them in order to generate more taxes.

It is very important to run a very prosperous city and hence you need some manufacturing tricks and tips and some sound strategies to level up in this game quickly.

SimCity manufacturing guide

With every leveling up you will be unlocking newly advanced factories and it is the time when you should think of replacing the old factories with advanced once. It doesn’t make any sense if you are having a factory that is not providing you with many products and is acting like a dead weight in your city. When your factory will be manufacturing and storing all the basic materials it will then upgrade the buildings quickly. There will be some materials which will take a longer time to build properly so you should keep them for the last and take the initiative of upgrading the old factory.

Make sure that your city is having the cargo ship dock as quickly as you can. This cargo ship dock will help you to generate more golden keys that will help you to build new special structures as well as earn more money during the procedure. As this cargo ship dock will come with the timer so you need to keep the items ready.

It is very important to upgrade the storage. When you will find that your storage is only having space for two items then make sure you are clicking the upgrade button. When you will level up you will find yourself with lowest storage space and it is very important to make some space in order to store new items. When you are having a good storage facility then it will also help you to simplify the process of manufacturing.

If you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on this game then you can always start manufacturing the materials that will take low manufacturing time. In this way, it will help you to advance in this game without waiting for a long time. So when you will not be playing the game or you will be away from the game then you can keep the items on the upgrading box that takes a long time.

You can also use some Simcity Buildit hack simcash for speeding up the manufacturing process or for getting more currency. Having a proper plan is very important whether you are building the residential zone or the industrial areas. One thing that you should always keep in mind is to keep the industrial areas far away from the residential areas.

An overview on Free Fire Battleground

Free fire battlegrounds is an online game which one can play on the PC, Android, and IOS devices. It is a strategycentric game. The moment the player is landed on the island their journey of killing their enemies begins. You can encounter various weapon, fight, characters, strategies and more in this game.

How does the game start?

You will have to select the character according to your preference and now you will be landed on an isolated Island. You will go to the island with the help of a parachute and make sure you are choosing a point which is less crowded in order to avoid fighting. The island will keep on shrinking and you will have to kill the other opponents for your own survival. You can either move towards or away from your enemies for surviving. During this time you will have to pick up all the weapons in ammunitions and gears that will help you in your survival.

Hacks for winning the game

There is an option of autoaiming which is very much useful. If you are weak when it comes to aiming then it will help you a lot to select the particular place or enemy and just by tapping on the circle. It is considered to be an effective and powerful tool which one can use from the beginning.

The damaging hack is considered to be of very much use because it enables a player to access the diamond and coins. One can also use the garena free fire battlegrounds hack to get backpacks for helmets.

How to survive in this game

Always choose a place that is less crowded in order to stay in the safe zone and protect yourself from the damaging battles. Until you are becoming completely ready for participating in the war do not chase other opponents and try to play some casual hiding.

Always pick a weapon which you can easily use and perform various moves. Once you get a good weapon try to upgrade it more in order to unleash new features.

You can easily kill the player who is landing after you while they are in their parachute and this is the best way of decreasing your opponent.

Every game comes with a currency and here in this game, you will need this resource for upgrading everything so you can also opt for Free Fire Battleground Cheats for progressing quickly. If you are not strategizing well then you won’t be able to defeat your enemies.

Knowing the importance of Elixir, Gold, and Gems in COC

The games currencies which are used in the game are Gold, Elixir and lastly Gems. These are three currencies that are used while playing the Clash of Clans. All the involved currencies have their own value and importance. Having an abundance of the currencies can develop an advantage and enhance the strategic evaluation. The function of Gold, Elixir and the Gems are discussed broadly below with adequate references.


On improving upon the offensive and the defensive capability and upgrading the process. It is mainly required for maintaining the troops and all the other components for maintaining the up-gradation of the building that is solely based on the development of the troop buildings such as establishing army camps and barracks. You can also go for adding up the total number of elixir by going for clicking the place of elixir collection.


The player can also use it to increase and upgrade the troops and the buildings. It can also be used to develop the structure of the town hall. The player can also use Gold currencies for spells purchasing especially during wartime. It can be also used for increasing the gold collection capacity. The main thing is that you can easily manage to gather a number of gold by knowing the techniques of attacking the players.


Gems can be used widely for several functions such as completion of the buildings, speeding up the production process and go for acquiring more number of resources. So it is much required that the steps need to be accurately learned and you can go for

The resources that can be retained by using Clash Of Clans

Enter the username or the personal email id:

After login into the account, the very first step that needs to be followed is entering the username of the email id. This is one of the most important steps that need to be followed for getting the required services of the hacked engine available online. After entering the email address in the generator, the following steps will be proceeded with.

Enter the exact amount of resources that will be needed by you

After you go to log in, you can easily enter all the required resources and then go for pressing the enter key. You will notice that a prompt will notify you about you’re your use of limited amount of resources as per the charges. It would also notify you about the preventive abuses that are essential and busted potentially.

Play on after getting your required resources

After collecting enough amount of gold, elixir and adequate gems that is required, you must expect that they must be credited to your personal profile just after the transaction has taken place. Just log into your personal account and take a look that you have all the required resources or not. If you require quite a huge amount of resources, then the Clash of Clans hack android is the best ever option.

Operating the Clash of Clans using an online program

There are several online hack programs that help to boost up your personal account. The security installed is exceptionally good. On accounting the securities of the Clash of Clan account, your personal information also receives enough security. Using the hack would make you feel safe and keep away the problem of complication in the hack program. The developers constantly go for updating the hack tool available online and thus it also ensures that all the users will not face problem while upgrading the program. The security software also ensures the security of the IP and protects the possibility of theft of identity.

Conquer The Game of Clash Royale-An Addictive Game for all Ages

Clash Royale is a multi-player game which stares your favorite Clash characters, Royales and much more. The game was launched in March 2016 and soon after its launch became one of the most popular games for both iOS and Android users. The game became such a hit that it was praised even by the critics. Just like any other game, even Clash Royale is based on buying gold, elixir, and gems without which you cannot proceed ahead in the game. In this article, we are going to learn how to get free unlimited gems and thus, conquer the game like a pro.

Main Features of The Game

Clash Royale has a lot of interesting features to offer to the players. It is because of these cool features that the players find this game so interesting and invest a good amount of their time playing it. Some of the main features that you will come across while playing this game are as follows:

Construct your battle deck and defeat your opponents.

Progress all the way to the top through several areas.

Form your very own clan to share cards and to build your battle community.

Challenge and fight your friends and clan mates in a private dual.

Also, learn some cool battle techniques from the duels on TV Royale.

Earn chests and unlock rewards in the game.

Collect new cards and also upgrade the old ones

Win crowns to get crown chests by destroying your opponent’s towers.

The Importance of Gems, Gold And Elixir In The Game

Gold, gems, and elixir are the main currencies used in the game. That’s because without the possession of these currencies you cannot proceed in the game. Let’s find out what is the purpose of these currencies:

The purpose of gold in the game:

With the help of gold, you can buy and upgrade the cards that are required to command the troops.

You will also require gold if, you wish to create a clan of your own.


The purpose of Clash royale free gems in the game:

To skip chest openings

To trade them with gold

To start tournaments

The purpose of elixir in the game:

You can win battles with the help of elixir.

The game obviously provides you with all the needed currencies and resources, but that is not sufficient enough for you to win the game. And this is where the need for using Clash Royale game hack comes in the picture.

How To Get Free Gems In Clash Royale?

If you are a professional gamer then, you will want to know how to get free gems in Clash Royale? After all, who likes to waste their time waiting for the game to produce gems for you, when you can get Clash Royale free gems with the help of Clash Royale hack?

With the help of hack you can get access to free gems whenever you want and finish the game with ease.

Hay Day hacks: Guide for beginners

Hay Day is a virtual farming game by Supercell which allows players to own a huge farm, buy seeds, grow crops and harvest them and raise livestock. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases which will make progress a lot easier and faster. But spending real money on the game is not feasible for everyone, especially if you’ve just started playing.

This guide lists top five Hay Day hacks for new players to help them earn money quickly and progress smoothly without spending any real cash.

Use the Roadside Shop:

One of the fastest ways of earning coins is by selling produce at the Roadside Shop (available from level 7). You’ll often get visitors to your farm who want to buy a certain item, but don’t hesitate to say no to them. It’s more profitable to sell your products through the Roadside shop as the visitors do not want to pay a premium.

Don’t sell all of the harvests at once:

This is the most important Hay Day hack as new players often get excited and sell all of their harvests at once. Always ensure that you don’t run out of seed crops. Every crop you plant doubles its yield on harvest, and hence, you should always have enough seeds on hand for making other products or growing crops.

Get free diamonds:

Diamonds are the most valuable form of currency in the game and this Hay Day hack suggests some ways through which you can grab diamonds for free:

You get 1-2 diamonds every time you go up a level.

You receive diamonds for every Hay Day achievement you complete.

If you log in to Hay Day with Facebook, you receive five diamonds. You receive another extra diamond for liking their page on Facebook.

Sometimes you’ll find diamonds in big red mystery boxes, so keep an eye out for them.

Finding a movie ticket allows you to win extra diamonds in exchange for watching a 30-second trailer of another app.

Follow the newspaper:

Newspapers are a quick way of earning extra coins, and you can find them lying around on your farm or someone else’s farm. Newspapers allow you to buy items in bulk, such as five items for 400 coins, which you can later sell individually for more coins. 

Also, keep an eye out for help wanted signs (represented by a tiny exclamation mark) in the newspapers. Helping other players rewards you with thank you cards which can be traded later for mystery gifts.

Find the treasure

To find treasure look around for a toolbox on someone else’s farm. If the toolbox is closed, tap anywhere on the screen, except the x button. Next, go to another farm and find the same toolbox. If it’s unlocked, collect whatever is inside. Once you go back to your farm, you’ll find all the tools available in your toolbox. If the process doesn’t work and the toolbox is still locked, keep doing the same process. For this Hay Day hack to work, you may need to repeat the process as many as 20 times.

Those are my top five Hay Day hacks for players who are just starting out and are finding it difficult to succeed. The game becomes quite easy once you get the hang of it. I would recommend that you keep at it and hopefully, these hacks will prove useful in helping you stay ahead of the game.