Hay Day hacks: Guide for beginners

Hay Day is a virtual farming game by Supercell which allows players to own a huge farm, buy seeds, grow crops and harvest them and raise livestock. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases which will make progress a lot easier and faster. But spending real money on the game is not feasible for everyone, especially if you’ve just started playing.

This guide lists top five Hay Day hacks for new players to help them earn money quickly and progress smoothly without spending any real cash.

Use the Roadside Shop:

One of the fastest ways of earning coins is by selling produce at the Roadside Shop (available from level 7). You’ll often get visitors to your farm who want to buy a certain item, but don’t hesitate to say no to them. It’s more profitable to sell your products through the Roadside shop as the visitors do not want to pay a premium.

Don’t sell all of the harvests at once:

This is the most important Hay Day hack as new players often get excited and sell all of their harvests at once. Always ensure that you don’t run out of seed crops. Every crop you plant doubles its yield on harvest, and hence, you should always have enough seeds on hand for making other products or growing crops.

Get free diamonds:

Diamonds are the most valuable form of currency in the game and this Hay Day hack suggests some ways through which you can grab diamonds for free:

You get 1-2 diamonds every time you go up a level.

You receive diamonds for every Hay Day achievement you complete.

If you log in to Hay Day with Facebook, you receive five diamonds. You receive another extra diamond for liking their page on Facebook.

Sometimes you’ll find diamonds in big red mystery boxes, so keep an eye out for them.

Finding a movie ticket allows you to win extra diamonds in exchange for watching a 30-second trailer of another app.

Follow the newspaper:

Newspapers are a quick way of earning extra coins, and you can find them lying around on your farm or someone else’s farm. Newspapers allow you to buy items in bulk, such as five items for 400 coins, which you can later sell individually for more coins. 

Also, keep an eye out for help wanted signs (represented by a tiny exclamation mark) in the newspapers. Helping other players rewards you with thank you cards which can be traded later for mystery gifts.

Find the treasure

To find treasure look around for a toolbox on someone else’s farm. If the toolbox is closed, tap anywhere on the screen, except the x button. Next, go to another farm and find the same toolbox. If it’s unlocked, collect whatever is inside. Once you go back to your farm, you’ll find all the tools available in your toolbox. If the process doesn’t work and the toolbox is still locked, keep doing the same process. For this Hay Day hack to work, you may need to repeat the process as many as 20 times.

Those are my top five Hay Day hacks for players who are just starting out and are finding it difficult to succeed. The game becomes quite easy once you get the hang of it. I would recommend that you keep at it and hopefully, these hacks will prove useful in helping you stay ahead of the game.

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