Knowing the importance of Elixir, Gold, and Gems in COC

The games currencies which are used in the game are Gold, Elixir and lastly Gems. These are three currencies that are used while playing the Clash of Clans. All the involved currencies have their own value and importance. Having an abundance of the currencies can develop an advantage and enhance the strategic evaluation. The function of Gold, Elixir and the Gems are discussed broadly below with adequate references.


On improving upon the offensive and the defensive capability and upgrading the process. It is mainly required for maintaining the troops and all the other components for maintaining the up-gradation of the building that is solely based on the development of the troop buildings such as establishing army camps and barracks. You can also go for adding up the total number of elixir by going for clicking the place of elixir collection.


The player can also use it to increase and upgrade the troops and the buildings. It can also be used to develop the structure of the town hall. The player can also use Gold currencies for spells purchasing especially during wartime. It can be also used for increasing the gold collection capacity. The main thing is that you can easily manage to gather a number of gold by knowing the techniques of attacking the players.


Gems can be used widely for several functions such as completion of the buildings, speeding up the production process and go for acquiring more number of resources. So it is much required that the steps need to be accurately learned and you can go for

The resources that can be retained by using Clash Of Clans

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Enter the exact amount of resources that will be needed by you

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Play on after getting your required resources

After collecting enough amount of gold, elixir and adequate gems that is required, you must expect that they must be credited to your personal profile just after the transaction has taken place. Just log into your personal account and take a look that you have all the required resources or not. If you require quite a huge amount of resources, then the Clash of Clans hack android is the best ever option.

Operating the Clash of Clans using an online program

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